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Our History

After a decade in the burgeoning carpet industry, Dalton native Lamar Hennon founded Carpets of Dalton as a wholesale busniess with a 24,000 square-foot facility. The business was immediately successful and within 6 months, Hennon added another 28,000 square feet.
Industry trends and market conditions convinced Hennon to add retail business to the store. He started advertising on cable television nationwide and did direct mail and telemarketing. It became one of the country’s largest floor covering stores.
Bothered by retail stores with no place to sit down, Lamar Hennon decided to add comfort to the carpet showroom by adding sofas, chairs, and lamps for shoppers’ convenience. When customers began asking about the furniture, Hennon decided to start selling it.
In the midst of planning and building the new home furnishings section of the business, 2 feet of snow from a rare Blizzard caused the store’s roof to collapse. A week later, while construction crews were working to repair the storm’s damage, a fire broke out and destroyed most of the facility. Employees rallied. They salvaged what was left and moved operations to a small building next door where all 80 employees were kept on payroll and worked until restoration was completed 4 months later.
Hennon took advantage of the back-to-back disasters by using construction crews to expand size, scope, and build better facilities than before. He opened American Home ShowPlace, a 160,000 square foot home furnishings store inside the Carpets of Dalton building. His idea was to have a one stop shopping superstore with everything for the home–floor covering, furniture, kitchen cabinetry, lighting, accessories, and linens.
Carpets of Dalton, American Home ShowPlace, and the homes experts at Southern Living Magazine teamed up to build a one-of-a-kind, full-size model home inside the showroom! The Dreamhome featured the latest looks in floor covering, furniture, custom cabinets, home theatre systems, and more. Since then, the Dreamhome has been regularly reimagined and redecorated with inspiring products from America’s most respected manufacturers.
Hennon expanded the Carpets of Dalton Campus and opened Buy the Room, a furniture store with value pricing.
Hennon opened World of Outdoor Living, a store that specialized in grills, outdoor furniture, kitchens, and accessories.
The business and campus continued to grow and offered more than one million square feet of shopping space and employed over 250 people.
The housing bubble bust hit Dalton extremely hard leading to manufacturing plant closures and layoffs. At 14%, Dalton’s unemployement rate was amongst the highest in the nation. Business struggled. Despite sales being down over 50%, Carpets of Dalton managed to remain in operation
The Great Recession lead Hennon to redesign the business’s capital structure, consolidate the campus into 1 main building, and rebrand the 4 stores into 2: Carpets of Dalton and Furniture of Dalton. They remain a full service home furnishing and floor covering superstore.
After a fulfilling lifetime commited to God, family, and his community in Dalton, Hennon passed. He leaves a legacy of hard work, innovation, and generosity felt deeply by his loved ones, colleagues, and community.
Carpets of Dalton and Furniture of Dalton were sold to new parent company, Textile Management Associates, owned by family friend and longtime business colleague Shelby Peeples. The Peeples and Hennon families teamed up to preserve the business’s sturdy foundation and start to expand with fresh fashion forward thinking and commitment to quality offerings and service.
Carpets of Dalton and Furniture of Dalton continue to grow substantially. Our greatest desire is to give families and unforgettable shopping experience by providing exceptional service and purchases they will love. We are the destination that brings you home.